Post your own Display Ad On-Line yourself!

  • When you establish your "Advertiser's On-Line Account," you are given password access to an administrative area for posting and editing your own Ads, Articles, Photos, and Plans.

  • Your Ad is displayed to the viewer according to the viewer's Zip Code! In your On-Line Account, you are able to specify in which US States your Ad will appear!

  • With every Ad you place, you may also post one or more Idea Articles, or Architectural Photos, or Architectural Plans. In your On-line Account, your own Display Ad will be "Linked" to your own Articles, Photos, or Plans. When selected, your Ad will be prominently displayed as the "Featured Ad" from the Article, Photo, or Plan you submitted! Your Display Ad will be "Featured" with each Article, Photo, or Plan you submit! It is a good way to get even more "exposure" for your Advertisement! You are not limited in the number of additional Articles, Photos, or Plans you submit, and there is no charge for submitting them! 
  • Your Display Ad is automatically linked to every other Idea Article, Architectural Photo, and Architectural Plan in the Library, according to "Idea Category".  When a viewer selects one of the Product or Service icons above that are related to the same Idea Category as your Ad, your Product or Service Ad will be listed along with others in that same Category, below the "Featured Ad" box!  Your Ad may also be "Displayed" in's "Product and Service Showcase!" periodically features selected products and services from its advertisers in this section!


  • The URL address for your own website may be entered in your Display Ad. When entered, the graphic above is displayed, allowing the viewer to transfer directly to your own website!

    Easy Install    Medium Skill Level    Higher Skill Level

  • For Product Ads only, a special "Install Index" is provided that indicates to the Viewer, the level of expertise required to "self-install" a Product. A Green triangle index indicates "Easy Install," "Green & Yellow" indicates "Medium Skill Level," and Yellow indicates "Higher Skill Level". Installation Indexes are not provided for Service Ads.



  • When viewers select the "Our Location !" icon above from your Ad, your main location, including the location of your sales offices or dealer locations will be displayed!



  • When viewers select the "Email Us !" icon above from your Ad, an email form is displayed which the viewer will use to send a sales inquiry directly to your company! You specify the email address for this feature from within your On-Line Account.

    "Spanish Translation" icon


  • "Idea Articles" that include a "Spanish Translation" will display the icon above. If you need Spanish translation services for your Articles or Display Ad, contact for a quote!

    Install Info  Coupons Video


  • You may post and display additional "Media" such as Installation Instructions (Product Ads only); Information such as Brochures, Specifications, Warranty, and Language Translations; Promotional Discount Coupons; and Demonstration Video Clips with your Advertisement! Multiple files can be posted in each media section! There is no extra charge for this! Video clips must be in MPEG format and all other media must be in Adobe Acrobat format. is available to help you with file formats! Again, if you need a language translation for your Display Ad, contact for a quote!

  • Ad Rates: As indicated above, all Display Ads are referenced to the Viewer's Zip Code. As an advertiser, if you select Plan A, your Ad will appear only to viewers in the single US State that you specify. If you are an Advertiser that selects "All or Multiple States" (Plan B), your Ad will appear to viewers in all those US States you specify.
          Advertiser's "Online Account": $25 per year

          Ad Placement Fee: $100 for each Ad, plus $10/month (Plan A) or $15/month (Plan B)


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For those Product Advertisers wanting to also sell their products ON-LINE, be sure to indicate your interest by sending an email request to:! HomeImprove.Com will send you a product questionnaire and evaluate your product for the ON-LINE Store. If accepted, HomeImprove.Com will act as a "reseller" of  your "Product" in its ON-LINE Store. "Services" are not marketed on the ON-LINE store.

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