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Vendors offers a unique Zip Code based "Discount Coupon" & "Display Ad" program that allows you to precisely target your marketing to only those areas of the country in which you want to advertise your product or service!

Our special Multi-Media Display Ad format allow you to provide your customer with complete information regarding your product or service, including a full description with up to 7 large photos, a full color brochure, installation instructions, specifications, warranty statement, language translations, discount coupons, your website URL, and even video clips of your Product or Service, all at no extra cost!

Display Ad Example:

  • will publicize your Discount Coupons via our "Tip Alert" newsletter, emailed regularly to our viewers! All Coupons are referenced to the viewer's ZIP CODE so you can be very specific about which neighborhoods receive your promotional information!
  • Since is based on viewer Zip Code, you can selectively advertise your promotional  discount coupons on a state by state basis! Homeowners can print out the coupons and use them at the retail outlets you have specified!
  • To have your Product or Service promoted, simply place a Display Ad with!
  • List your dealer or office locations and provide viewers with complete information regarding your product and service, including your installation instructions, specifications, warranty, language translations, discount coupons, and promotional videos.
  • Contact us for information about additional promotional and co-op advertising programs offers retailers, wholesalers & distributors, factory representatives, and manufacturers!

For more information, marketing support, graphic work, translations, and other assistance, contact us at: !

Placing an Ad with is as easy as 1-2-3!


Step #1: Setup your Advertiser's "Online Account"!

With your "password protected" Advertiser's "Online Account", you may post & edit all information related to your Display Ad. You may also place additional Ads! Your Advertiser Online Account is automatically renewed on a yearly basis unless cancelled.

The price for an Advertiser's "Online Account" is $25 per year, and is non-refundable.

Step #2: Setup your "Display Ad !"

This step creates your own "Display Ad" to which you will post your own Ad description and promotional media! With each Ad, it is recommended that you post several "Idea" Articles, Architectural Photos or Plans, and link your Display Ad to each! There is no additional charge for submitting Articles, Photos, or Plans, and by submitting them, you will greatly increase your Advertising exposure! 
Your Ad will be displayed in only those states you are currently marketing to!
Since your Display Ad will be displayed according to the Viewer's Zip Code, you will be able to select the particular State (or States) in which your Ad will appear! You may choose to advertise in "One (1) US State (Plan A)" only, or in " Multiple or All US States (Plan B)"!

Ad Placement Fee: $100 per Ad, plus $10/month (Plan A) or $15/month (Plan B)

Again, Plan A is for a single US state listing and Plan B is for all or multi-state listing. You choose in which States your Ad will appear! Your credit card will be charge monthly for your Display Ad until your Ad is cancelled. The Ad placement fee is non-refundable.


Step #3: "Post or Edit" your Display Ad!

The "Post & Edit" section of  your "password protected" Advertiser's "On-Line" Account will allow you to post & edit your own Ad, add a thumbnail photo and up to 7 big photos to your Display Ad, and provide an email address and website URL for viewer inquiries! You may also post an unlimited number of your own "Idea" Articles, Architectural Photos & Architectural Plans, and "link" them all to your Display Ad in this section!
You may also specify locations of your offices or dealers & distributors in this section! You may also select or change those US States where you want your Display Ad to appear!  For a "Product Ad," you may also indicate the level of installation required for that product. 
Additional promotional "Media", including Installation Instructions (for Product Ads only), Brochures and Specifications, Warranty & Affirmation Statements, Language Translations, Discount Coupons, and several short Video Film Clips may also be added to your Display Ad! If you need a translation, will quote language translation services!
Note: Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf) is required for all Installation Instructions, Brochure & Specifications, Warranty & Affirmation Statements, Language Translations, & Discount Coupons.  MPEG format (.mpg) is required for all video clips! is available to assist you with these media formats! 
You may also place other Display Ads for other Products or Services from this section!

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